A downloadable game for Windows

This game was produced in 2003 by @robotduck For Skive Creative.

It was a free-to-play web game designed to promote the PS2 release of "Destruction Derby Arenas", released in 2003.

I have recovered and restored this game from archived files, however it does not have the original title screen and instructions.

You control the wrecking ball. Use the arrow keys to swing the ball and smash cars as they race past.

You must knock out a specified number of cars to proceed to the next race.

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Robotduck - Wrecker.exe 8 MB


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This doesn't work for me either :(

Does nothing when i open the .exe file from windows 10, does nothing when i launch the game from itch.io. Is this a me thing or?

Did you ever get it to work?

Properties; Compatibility settings; Compatibilty mode Windows 95/ME. Have fun!

Thank you!!

Properties; Compatibility settings; Compatibilty mode Windows 95/ME. Have fun!